I hope…

Dear Sir or Madam,

please i`m a german man writing from a little nice village in germany nearby a big city. It is my first article in english and seems a little bit nonprofessionell. I do it just for fun. During the last days i see that some people are reading my blog from different countries. Thats nice to see. I learned english during my school years like everybody but never used it after i get my leaving certificate. Whether the grammar will be right or not is not the important point. Furthermore i had the idea to write in english as well. Just do and try it. If i will write a little bit more in english i am convinced that i will become better since now. It`s like starting creative writing. At first you write one page and than you will start writing a book like i do it just now. Now to my thoughts who are for the refugees. I think it`s time for a change in our minds and that we will do it as consequently as we can.

The following article are for the refugees who crossed the border to europe i saw in the news.

Welcome to europe!

I`m glad to see that you are living.

I`m not glad to see the border you had conquered.

I hope you will find a way for a better life with the right conditions for you and your family.

I don`t hope that you are ill or have any trouble with your health.

I hope we can learn from each other.

I don`t hope that we will learn like competitors in universities.

Please let us solve global problems together without borders, thoughts about religions or how we can save ressources by war.

I`m convinced that we could already have build up some houses on other planets if we don`t had destroy our environment.

I`m not convinced that progress is possible by fucked up school systems like now.

I`m convinced that creativity can help to answer the big questions of life.

I`m not convinced that we have to be realistic. If i would be realistic i wouldn`t write the lines.

I`m convinced that every soul has his own specific talent to increase humans condition.

I`m not convinced that your heart could be wrong.

I hope you can learn as much as you can to use your mindsetting to change the world to a better one like now.

I don`t hope that other humans will try to stop your progress instead to help.

I hope the USA will change their president during their next election.

I don`t hope america will choose this president again.

I hope that North Korea will stop their rocket tests and will become a friend of us.

I don`t hope that they will start the next world war.

I hope to see you one day on a screenplay, as a singer on stage or a doctor who helps other people or a politcian who is acting in a diplomatic way.

I don`t hope that you will live longer on a street.

I hope i can lean from your culture, your way of living try your food or drink a coffee with you!

I don`t hope to see us fighting.

I hope we can reduce borders all over the world and invest in an alternative security measures.

I don`t hope to see soldiers in my street.

I hope that weapons will be in future only items in in a screenplay or video game and not in reality.

I don`t hope that germany will have the same movement in america in which everybody can have his own gun.

I hope that i will find the right words for a good story for the earth.

I hope your reading me.

Be human!

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