There is something on the way

There is something on the way

i can`t see but i can feel it

it feels wrong but always right

i think it is my way

There is something on the way

it`s not an item, no idea, no reflexion

i can`t define but realize it

step by step to my passion i see something on the way

leave me in doubt of i do it right but disbeliefes belongs to the way

i`m working with words when i know it will be wrong

it`s just a feeling which comes up time by time;

just feeling the language i want to

also it doesn`t make sense too

but have my fun

i love it to play with it on the way when i have it in my hands

they said to me: „it will be wrong“,

but im a little kid i will have my fun

just running down the street i want to

never thinking at the danger, the wrong lines people go

i feel my breath in my lungs

like the luck in my head

which comes up when my heart tells me something will be on the way

till i find the right lines, words and love i need to grow up i want to be

sometimes i smoke a litte of my passed youth`s freedom

but i`m always a youngster

if you will be a teacher i see already your pencil in the hand to underline my wrong written words

but i don`t care what people like you do or think

it`s just something on the way which let me do crazy things

i picked it up hold it in my hands

till i forget my own

till i realize that i will loose

but don`t, don`t forget my experiences and adventures i had

till i remember that i have nothing but more then the rest

but everybody has something on his way to success

i can see it in their eyes like their mirror image

but i can`t feel it

i want to help them but i can`t

cause there is something on the way

the only thing i want to have is freedom!


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