A dialogue with my body

During the last few days i saw the natural disasters on TV and i don`t understand why we don`t accept the scientist knowledge. Why we always do the same mistakes? I have to admit that it begins like with my own behaviour respective to the way to my work. Three and a half kilometre by car. Yes you read it right. Normally i can walk the distance or use my bycicle! Nevertheless i also have to look and smell good in the hotel and there is no option to begin the own work sweating at the front desk although i know that a mass of people have the same problem. We do it for our work but forget that we are not alone on the earth. We don`t endanger only animals also our own species as well. There is one way to optimize the carbon dioxide emission. We have to kill all the factory farming industry. How we can do that? Don`t eat meat! Thats what i do and how i can apologize my car rides to my work. Furthermore we have to work at our pressure of work. My doctor said to me that i couldn`t breath is not a health problem, it`s just only my soul or psychological pressure which doesn`t fill my lungs with cleaned up air. I think it is not my really daily work in the hotel, it`s just more my dream to snap with one`s fingers and to have an blog imperium. When i do my highschool years i could work so hard but now my body said „Not more or you will have a problem with me!“ – „Ok ok! You won we will relax on the lounge the next days if you want. Ok body no problem but please promise me that my head will learn, my heart will love, my legs let me go throgh the whole world and my hands will work on the keyboard till i will die?“ My body keeps silent. He is down by the things i do with him.  On the mirror i saw in his eyes and promise him to run some miles and reading books as much as i can. He looks down and ignores me like a trotting dog. It will be a hard time for you and me.

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