09/11 Moment of silence

Dear Sir or Madam,

today it`s a day i`ll never forget. The day which shooks the whole word.

Which shooks the whole world in a way i don`t understand. I remember when one of my mobile phones ring in the afternoon and i was walking along the row of houses. „Hi Stefan – Pascal here. Do you see the airplanes flying into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon?“ At first i thought my colleque will put me on. That he is making a joke. I answered: „Hi Pascal your watching to much television. You play to much playstation! Go out, take some fresh air!“ Therefore i didn`t believe him till i was coming home talking to my brother what kind of black humour my friend would have. Then my brother look at me so serious since i understand something went wrong till my fathers voice echoed through the staircase out of his room that my brother had good luck thinking back that he was there last year with his school class. My mom nodded watching to my brothers screen. We watched on his televison card which was bulild and compatible for it`s pc motherboard. HAHA we were one of the first families who watched Television on the PC. The Families Televsion was broken-down. I will never forget how we sit there looking to the worlds most dramaturgy which humans has created in history. God bless you America! A lot of dais i spent my time thinking about that i couldn`t write, that i couldn`t write in english language. That at first i have to learn it but thats bullshit. Days like today remember to do what i want and enjoy our live as good as it is possible. I love the english language more then ever before till i was also writing in a second language as well. I`m a little bit more relaxed and another person. Sounds a little bit schizo, also knowing that no teacher will correct me also at the same moment i would like it if somebody would teach me doing it right. And there is one more thing why i do that blog: „I want to combine people to the whole world to live in freedom, without weapons, without terrorism, without rockets from north korea, just try to create stories that we can laughe more than before. I think Mr. Trump is the best proof for that i will become an hollywood author like he will be a president and like Mr. Schulz from our SPD Party thinks he will become the next President of Germany in a few dais.


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